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Chinese Metaphor of Genesis' Curriculum
Most business issues occur at individual, team or organizational level.

We are committed to solving these problems with creative methods and professional attitude.

INDIVIDUAL is the most indispensable element that makes an enterprise. Chinese character "众" provides us a concise metaphor: each of the figures in "众" , is an independent figure "人", which resembles an individual in an enterprise. An individual acts more than an "employee", but a "leader" in other perspective. An individual is guided by the company's ultimate goal, with different function, but heading for the same direction!

TEAM:just as two individuals put into cooperation, the Chinese character "从", meaning follower, expresses a harmonious team. Which to an organization is a cell to any organic tissue. All individuals in a team are equal, and work together for the same higher objective.

ORGANIZATION: A perfect organization is just like the nature of Chinese word "众" , meaning integrity, harmony and steadiness-- everything required by an organization. The implications of "众" are: leaders and employees, individuals and teams, units and organizations, parts and wholes, either of pair being complimentary to each other.

Genesis General course for teamwork
B1 course for team building

Genesis Systematic Curriculum
T1 Management Capability Courses
——Key To Leadership
——Key To Communication
——Key To Change
T2 New Employee Orientation
T3 Customer Relation Course

Tailor-made Programs
S1 Orientation to Corporate Culture
S2 Effective Corporate Meeting
S3 Special course for civil servant

Genesis Top Experience Courses
H1 Business Simulator
——Business Decision
——Business Logic
H2 Upward Bound

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